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Web Designer & Journalist – Camper & Motorcyclist

Bryan Cady - Web Designer


Hi, my goal for this website is to create a portal to help expand and solidify my networks both professionally and socially. See, I’m a button pusher who loves to build and modify websites. I started the website design and hosting company called Listen to the Wind Media. Before I created my own company, I lived in the world of news production down in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I worked at CNN for a 18 years. (Man, how time flies.) I performed several types of editorial and technical duties and life was not dull. I was at CNN for such news events as the Gulf War, Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 tragedy. With over 20 years in television, I decided to get my feet wet in other endeavors. I left CNN, took a couple years off and put about 40,000 miles on my motorcycle by riding across the United States and Canada. I fell in love with this continent’s scenery and still try to get out in it as much as I can.


Web Design

In August of 2012 I created a business called Listen to the Wind Media. I enjoy helping companies create and extend their image and presence on the web. Many business owners just don’t want to deal with creating a website and many have learned the hard way that those “Build Your Own – 1 Cent” websites are not as easy or turn out as pretty as the ads for them imply, so instead I take care of their web needs. I will build a website for my client and if needed, manage the content, maintain the code and host the site. Many times clients only need design changes or updating of their site and I am happy to do that too.


For Fun

Back in my CNN days, my brother peaked my interest in motorcycles so I decided to take a motorcycle safety class and get my license. 30 minutes into the class and one minor wreck later, I was convinced this was going to be great fun. I HAD to get one of those two wheeled beasts. Once I picked up my license, I ran out and bought a brand new 2002 BMW F650GS. (It is the bike pictured to the right.) I have put over 50,000 miles on my vehicle riding it coast to coast and in over 43 states and Canada. Web design is a great career for traveling by motorcycle. If I choose, I can have offices all around the country. I try to work in a local coffee shop near some place beautiful whenever I can.


Bryan Cady riding the Tail of the Dragon on his BMW F650gs


Motorcycling Toward Denver in the Rain

2002 BMW F650GS on I-70 in the rain

I took my business, Listen the the Wind Media on the road.  (I’m doing some work while I am getting …

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Hiking Angels Landing

Angels Landing in Zion National Park

I’m about a week out from packing up my office and taking it with me on a trip out west.  An area I …

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About My Blog

Bryan Cady Blog

Here I hope to post articles you find interesting, funny and informative. Some, from my own own expe …

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