I’m at my 3000 mile point of my motorcycle ride and I am staying with family in Port Townsend, Washington.  There always seems to be one breakdown, flat tire or some sort of issues that might strand you on a long trip like this.  I hope this one was it and will be the only issue.

Earlier this week outside of Spokane, Washington I noticed my right brake pedal seemed very spongy.   After I pulled over to a gas station, I noticed liquid dripping from underneath the bike.  That is never good.  I could of turned around and looked for a shop in Spokane but instead I decided to just head to family in Port Townsend where my brother knows “a little” bit more about bikes than I plus he would have any tool to deal with it.

Once there we saw the problem. As expected, a leak developed in the brake line.  Of course no motorcycle shop has the part in stock so at best it will be a 4 day wait. Thankfully I am with family and not stuck in some dingy motel or campground.